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March 2014 - Lizzy Yarnold Victory Parade - Testimonial 1

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking part and contributing to help make the Lizzy Yarnold Victory Parade on Friday 21st March such a great success.
Having you and your colleague on hand to deal with any first aid incidents that may have arisen on the Lizzy Yarnold open top bus and during stops helped to make this event possible.

Thank you for contributing to the day with professionalism, great care and consideration.
Your help and support during this event was invaluable.

We look forward to working with you again in the future”


Dr Pav Ramewell
Chief Executive – Sevenoaks District Council


March 2014 - Lizzy Yarnold Victory Parade - Testimonial 2

"I cannot thank you and your team enough for everything that you did. It was such a fantastic day, one that my family and I will remember forever. I was truly humbled by all the people who came out to see me and meeting so many young people at the various schools in
particular was so much fun!

I recognise the many, many hours of work that it took to pull such an operation together, and in such a short space of time! Your team were brilliant and looked after everyone so well on the day itself.


I hope you all enjoyed the day as much as I did and that it put a smile on faces of those people who came out to see us. I hope I will see you all again soon."



Lizzy Yarnold

Winter Olympics Gold Medal Winner


Lizzy Yarnold Victory Parade



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